How do I apply Ephémère gel polish?

See the simple application process here.

How do I remove it?

See the simple removal process using acetone here.

You can choose to remove the gel polish mechanically by using an electric file (Ephémère E-file is coming soon). This won't damage the nails, and will effectively leave them free of any residue.

You can also remove it chemically with acetone (available in supermarkets). First, buff the top of your nails with a nail file to remove the shiny surface, then apply a cotton pad soaked with acetone and secure it on the nail with tape or foil for 10-12 minutes.This will break down the remaining gel polish and will make it easy to scrape off.

 How long does it last?

If properly done, you will be able to enjoy your at-home manicure for over 2 weeks (when the new nail growth starts becoming obvious).

Is Ephémère vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes, Ephémère products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Where will my items be shipped from?

All of our items are local stock and will be shipped from our Sydney warehouse.